A wooden bowl is unique

Unique mango wood bowls

Schalen New IIINew, decorative mango wood bowl. Our bowls are handmade from a piece of mango wood and can be used as salad bowls, bread bowls or fruit bowls. The special design with its surface looks classy and is an eye-catcher on every living room or dining table.

Do you also love mild summer evenings?


When the weather gets warm, outdoor living heats up, and porches and patios become the place to be. As your sunny days shift to balmy nights, add some atmosphere to your garden and yard with lanterns.

Fanciful, or simply elegant, and they delightfully elevate the ambience of your outdoor spaces. Then allow us to enchant you with one of our impressive Lanterns. Discover here our assortment of beautiful Garden Lights and Lanterns.


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Palm wood – Soap Dish

Soap Dish Palm wood

Item number: 13062019-11-19
a-natural-soap-dish-handmade-from-palm-wood-uncoated-rest-your-soap-on-this-piece-of-nature-to-keep-it-dry-and-handy (1)A natural soap dish handmade from palm wood, uncoated. Rest your soap on this piece of nature to keep it dry and handy. The plate is handmade and maintain their unique appearance by a special process.

Plate, lenght ca. 20 cm x 10 cm, height: 4 cm

Hand-crafted from palm wood The plates are washable, water resistant, but not dishwasher safe.

7,80 $

A natural soap dish handmade from palm wood.


Natural shampoos & soaps – are healthy soaps!

Our soaps consist of biological oils, clean gently and naturally, without grease and naturally from controlled biological cultivation. Depending on the type, the soaps consist of aromatic oils, essential oils and herbs … some contain fruit or vegetables and not forgetting care additives such as honey and flowers.

All our shampoos are biodegradable. They are also free of synthetic foaming agents, thickeners and preservatives. The fine, velvety foam is created only by the special mixture of natural ingredients, which is based on a long-standing experience.

Rest your soap on this piece of nature to keep it dry.


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Accessories – Salad bowls – Barbecue

The Barbecue Season is now open!

Summer & BBQ II

Wood bowls and Accessories for Social Summer Evenings. It’s summer – time to go out into the garden and start barbecueing! So we present to you accessories: lanterns, wood bowls and much more. Have fun, make it through the BBQ season properly!

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