Noble silk pillow – orange

Silk pillows always stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Simply put on exotic Asian accents by using our popular silk pillow cover. The silk pillow in 40 cm x 40 cm size is the popular standard. The beautiful and virtually wrinkle-free natural product is also available in other standard sizes.


The book of disquiet

Alter Mann und Jugend mit RahmenI was born in a time when the majority of young people had lost faith in God, for the same reason their elders had had it – without knowing why. And since the human spirit naturally tends to make judgements based on feeling instead of reason, most of these young people chose Humanity to replace God. I, however, am the sort of person who is always on the fringe of what he belongs to, seeing not only the multitude he’s a part of but also the wide-open spaces around it. That’s why I didn’t give up God as completely as they did, and I never accepted Humanity . . . .