Biological soap – Papaya

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Why Papaya soap Is Great For You - Antiseptic care for impure skin.

Papaya peel can help reduce the signs of aging. Some claim it to be as effective as Retin-A. The peel contains enzymes that remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. This helps remove wrinkles and age spots.

Moisturizes Skin
Papaya can be a boon for those with dry skin. Using a papaya face pack can make your skin soft and supple. The enzymes present in papaya remove all traces of dry and flaky skin and hydrate it.

As discussed earlier, the enzyme papain in papaya exfoliates dead skin cells to cure skin impurities. When mashed and applied directly on the affected area, raw papaya can help prevent itching and redness.

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Natural soaps – Favor your skin naturally with handcrafted soaps. Health and Beauty – Nature loves skin made with hand made soap that is traditionally used for the skin care of indigenous cultures around the world. We use flower and herbal essential oils, natural plant materials. Are natural materials and plant extracts are used for producing exclusively. No additives, no animal fats.

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